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Antique Cabinet Closet

KSh 125,000

Antique Cabinet, Gothic style, France,1880.

KSh 0

Antique Mirror gold framed, louis quinze 15 , Rococo Style made in France appx. in 1920.

KSh 0

Antique, Telephone bench, Side table, Louis Quinze (15), France,1930.

KSh 25,000

Armchairs, Louis quinze 15, Rococo style, France, 1860 – 1880, Walnut, elegant carvings

KSh 275,000

Display Cabinet, Louis Quinze 15, Rococo style, France,1910.

KSh 0

Display cabinet, Louis Quinze, Rococo style, cabinet or sideboard made of solid mahogany

KSh 0

Display Cabinet, Rococo Style, Italian Vintage furniture.

KSh 199,000

Exceptional Writing Desk, Louis Quinze, Rococo, France, 1860 – 1880.

KSh 180,000

French Display cabinet or Sideboard, Art Nouveau

KSh 0

French Display cabinet, Showcase Art Nouveau

KSh 0

French,Display Cabinet,Rococo Style.

KSh 0

Gothic Buffet Cabinet, French Antique.

KSh 285,000

Gothic Style, Cabinet, French Antique.

KSh 185,000

Storage cabinet, British, Colonial Style, Wall cabinet.

KSh 25,000