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19th Century French Louis XVI 3 Piece mantel Clock set

KSh 150,000

Antique Cabinet, Reinassance Style, 1900s, Oak Wood.

KSh 180,000

Antique Grandfather Clock

KSh 235,000

Antique Grandfather Clock

KSh 175,000

Antique Grandfather Clock, Wilhelminian style, Germany 1930

KSh 75,000

Antique Mirror, Silver framed, Louis Quize 15, Rococo, New.

KSh 65,000

Antique Sideboard Cabinet, Reinassance Style, 1900s, Oak Wood.

KSh 300,000

Antique, Armchair, Louis Quinze, France,1900

KSh 40,000

Antique, Brass, Sculpture, French

KSh 50,000

Antique, British, Grandfather Clock ca. 18th Century

KSh 180,000

Antique, Telephone bench, Side table, Louis Quinze (15), France,1930.

KSh 25,000

Antique, Wilhelminian, German, 1860 -1880, Cabinet, Dining room

KSh 199,000

Art Nouveau Female Satyr Bronze Sculpture

KSh 12,000

Beautiful Tapestry – Wall hanging, France, 1930, Beech wood. Gold painted.

KSh 75,000

Bronze Fireplace Clock set with Vases

KSh 150,000