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French Louis Seize Display Cabinet and Dining Set

KSh 550,000

French Louis Seize Display Cabinet

KSh 320,000

Antique Sofa, Salon set, Suite, Louis Quinze, Rococo, France, 1900

KSh 279,000

French Sideboard Rococo Style

KSh 250,000

Dresser, Chest of drawers, Barock style,Marquetry, Italian, Vintage.

KSh 250,000

Italian, Chest of drawers made in Barock style

KSh 250,000

Antique, Cabinet, Sideboard, Wilhelminian style, Germany,1880-1900.

KSh 249,000

Vintage 5 seater Leather Sofa Set

KSh 225,000

French Dining Set, 6 Chairs

KSh 220,000

Antique, Salon set, Louis Quinze, Rococo, France.

KSh 199,000

Mirror, French, Renaissance style, Antique

KSh 185,000

Office Desk, French, Baroque Style

KSh 175,000

Display Cabinet, Sideboard, France, Louis Seize (16) Style,1900, Antique

KSh 175,000

French, Cabinet, Renaissance style, Dinning room, Display Cabinet

KSh 175,000

Antique, Wilhelminian, Buffet, Cabinet or Sideboard, French with artistic carvings and decorative columns, solid walnut, 1880s.

KSh 175,000