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Storage cabinet, British, Colonial Style, Wall cabinet.

KSh 25,000

Antique Mirror walnut wooden framed, Louis Quinze 15, Rococo Style made in France appx. in 1900.

KSh 35,000

Chest of drawers, Louis Quize style, France, Oak wood.

KSh 35,000

Antique, Armchair, Louis Quinze, France,1900

KSh 40,000

Salon table, Tea table, louis Quinze 15, France, 1900, Mahogany, Beautiful carvings

KSh 45,000

French,Display Cabinet,Rococo Style.

KSh 65,000

Antique Cabinet, Gothic style, France,1880.

KSh 69,000

Antique Mirror gold framed, louis quinze 15 , Rococo Style made in France appx. in 1920.

KSh 95,000

Antique Cabinet Closet

KSh 120,000

Stunning wardrobe, Rococo style ,France 1880.

KSh 149,000

French Display cabinet or Sideboard, Art Nouveau

KSh 150,000

Gothic Style, Cabinet, French Antique.

KSh 169,000

Display Cabinet, Louis Quinze 15, Rococo style, France,1910.

KSh 175,000

French Display cabinet, Showcase Art Nouveau

KSh 175,000

Display cabinet, Louis Quinze, Rococo style, cabinet or sideboard made of solid mahogany

KSh 180,000