Gründerzeit - Wilhelminian style furniture 1870 to 1914

The German term Gründerzeit - often also referred to as the Gründerjahre - generally refers to the period that began with the founding of the German Empire in 1871 and ended in 1914 with the outbreak of the First World War.  In its formal language, the Gründerzeit was associated with historicism, was thus oriented to neo-Baroque ideas and ideals and testifies to a great interest in historical and mythological themes.

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Antique, Dresser, Louis Seize , Dressing Table.

KSh 149,000

Antique Grandfather Clock

KSh 175,000

Antique Grandfather Clock

KSh 235,000

Hunt Buffet, Cabinet, French, Renaissance

KSh 185,000

Antique, Extendable Dining / Conference room set, Table 4 Stuhls

KSh 165,000

Antique, Extendable Dining set, Table 4 Stuhls

KSh 150,000

Extendable, Antique Dining Set , French, Britanny style,1860-1880.

KSh 225,000

Elegant Side Table, Wilhelminian style, Germany, 1920, Hardwood.

KSh 20,000

Antique, Wilhelminian, German, 1860 -1880, Cabinet, Dining room

KSh 199,000

Antique, Wilhelminian Cabinet, Sideboard, French year 1880

KSh 199,000

Antique, Cabinet, Sideboard, Wilhelminian style, Germany,1880-1900.

KSh 249,000

Antique, Dresser, Wilhelminian style, Dressing Table, Germany, 1880.

KSh 149,000

Antique Grandfather Clock, Wilhelminian style, Germany 1930

KSh 75,000

Wilhelminian buffet, Sideboard, French, Antique from 1880

KSh 199,000

Antique, Wilhelminian, Buffet, Cabinet or Sideboard, French with artistic carvings and decorative columns, solid walnut, 1880s.

KSh 175,000