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Antique, Display Cabinet, Sideboard, France, Louis Seize (16) Style,1900

KSh 189,000

Antique, Dresser, Wilhelminian style, Dressing Table, Germany, 1880.

KSh 149,000

Antique, Extendable Dining / Conference room set, Table 4 Stuhls

KSh 165,000

Antique, Extendable Dining set, Table 4 Stuhls

KSh 150,000

Antique, French Dresser,Cabinet, France, Renaissance style, Dinning room.

KSh 180,000

Antique, Salon set, Louis Quinze, Rococo, France.

KSh 199,000

Antique, Sofa, Louis Quinze (15) Rococo, France, 1900

KSh 99,000

Antique, Storage Cabinet, Renaissance Style, French

KSh 250,000

Antique, Wilhelminian Cabinet, Sideboard, French year 1880

KSh 199,000

Antique, Wilhelminian, Buffet, Cabinet or Sideboard, French with artistic carvings and decorative columns, solid walnut, 1880s.

KSh 175,000

Armchairs, Louis quinze 15, Rococo style, France, 1860 – 1880, Walnut, elegant carvings

KSh 275,000

Beautiful Rococo style buffet cabinet or sideboard made of solid walnut.

KSh 199,000

Bedside Tables/Cabinet Louis Seize, French, Antique

KSh 40,000

Bronze Fireplace Clock set with Vases

KSh 150,000

Cabaret table, Louis XV style, French

KSh 25,000