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Side table, Colony Style, Britain.

KSh 15,000

Storage cabinet, British, Colonial Style, Wall cabinet.

KSh 25,000

Cabaret table, Louis XV style, French

KSh 25,000

Vintage Minibar, French.

KSh 37,500

Antique, Armchair, Louis Quinze, France,1900

KSh 40,000

Bedside Tables/Cabinet Louis Seize, French, Antique

KSh 40,000

Coffee table, Colony Style, Britain.

KSh 45,000

French,Display Cabinet,Rococo Style.

KSh 65,000

Antique Cabinet, Gothic style, France,1880.

KSh 69,000

Antique, Dresser, Wilhelminian style, Dressing Table, Germany, 1880.

KSh 99,000

Antique, Sofa, Louis Quinze (15) Rococo, France, 1900

KSh 99,000

Louis Quinze, Sofa, (15) Rococo, France, Antique, 1900

KSh 99,000

Display Cabinet, Wilhelminian style, Germany, Vintage

KSh 99,000

Antique Cabinet Closet

KSh 120,000

Bronze Fireplace Clock set with Vases

KSh 135,000