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Antique Cabinet, Reinassance Style, 1900s, Oak Wood.

KSh 180,000

Antique, Telephone bench, Side table, Louis Quinze (15), France,1930.

KSh 25,000

Antique, Storage Cabinet, Renaissance Style, French

KSh 250,000

Display Cabinet, Sideboard, Louis Seize(16) Style, 1900

KSh 199,000

Chest of Drawers, Louis Quinze Style, France

KSh 35,000

Book Cabinet,Display Cabinet, Antique.

KSh 199,000

French´Deux Corps´Buffet Cabinet, Antique.

KSh 185,000

Antique Mirror walnut wooden framed, Louis Quinze 15, Rococo Style made in France appx. in 1900.

KSh 42,500

Beautiful Tapestry – Wall hanging, France, 1930, Beech wood. Gold painted.

KSh 75,000

Display Cabinet, Sideboard, France, Louis Seize (16) Style,1900, Antique

KSh 180,000

Antique Display Cabinet, Living Room Cupboard, France, Louis Quinze (15)

KSh 199,000

French, Cabinet, Renaissance style, Dinning room, Display Cabinet

KSh 199,000

Extendable, Dinning set, 6 chairs, Henry Deux (2nd) style, 1880, France.

KSh 250,000

Antique, French Dresser,Cabinet, France, Renaissance style, Dinning room.

KSh 180,000

Italian, Antique, Sideboard, Louis Quinze, Rococo Style

KSh 0